What are the traits of a modern accountant? – Let’s find out! - Accounting
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What are the traits of a modern accountant? – Let’s find out!

Has accounting been just constrained to doing taxes and preparing accounts? 

We say, NO!

Modern accountancy has redefined the way monetary transactions are handled. The accountancy has witnessed a phase shift in its processes and methods, then why not the accountant be modern?

 Right! We are talking about not only the services but also that the accountant has to be new-gen. So what makes your tax adviser a modern service provider? 

The list is below. Read on to learn about the key attributes to look for in an accountant for business accounting services no matter small or medium.

Technically sound:

It goes without saying. A qualified accountant must be technically sound. It’s better if your accountant has some previous experience working with similar businesses. A modern accountant is more than just a monetary adviser. A new age accountant is more like a planner to you. A modern accountant should be able to guide to improve your business finances. He/she should share some valuable client testimonials (by keeping anonymity) with you and your company to opt for the best and yielding practices.

We are skilled and trained to offer you second to none SMEs business accounting services. We strive to provide you with useful techniques and solutions concerning your overall business growth.

Dynamic solutions provider:

For a rapidly developing business, which is eyeing an exponential rise in sales, it’s vital to have an accountant who can help through the process. Accountancy firms vary in sizes. Too small firms may not be equipped enough to work this situation out. Whereas, large firms have wide ranges of skills bound with individual teams, which may add to costs. What’s important is the balance, the balance to switch perfectly with different requirements from the variety of organisations.

A mid-level accountancy firm most probably will have the right set of skills to suit your needs – delivered by a single, dynamic team. An accountant with a versatile set of abilities could perform many duties for you, for instance, tax matters, advice, new business registrations, tax planning, and so on. Such an accountant will be thorough with the latest news, law regulations/revisions in tax filing.

At Easy Tax, we make it simple for our clients to deal with taxes. Our level of expertise is adjusted based on needs one has. Our team is well aware of the new laws and guarantees maximum saving against tax deduction.

A tech enthusiast:

Digitization has found grounds in accountancy too. Everything is being centralised at one place, reducing paper-based operations. A modern accountant should possess the awareness and the ability to use new-age digital technologies. Does your accountant advice you about analytical and forecasting tools? Is he/she is familiar with cloud-based accounting solutions that help automate processes? Is he/she willing to acquire those skills and make most out of it for your organisation? 

This questionnaire will allow you to explore their technical interests. 

Digital skills are essential today, and they no longer are ‘good to have/optional’ ability.

Easy tax and accounting provide SMEs with impeccable accounting services that are powered by digital interventions. Our in-house accountants are qualified and hold a great deal of knowledge on newly developing tools.

Ingenious & futuristic:

A modern accountant helps you visualise the future of your company. A value-oriented individual anticipates future trends by exploring the current ones and facts together with challenging yet achievable assumptions. New age accountants must slowly but steadily steer a business, while making clients see the distinction between risks and opportunities.

He/she should possess a complete understanding of the business, i.e. the environment, its people and threats & opportunities it faces. A competent accountant needs to know of their clients personal and professional goals in order to help them achieve their objectives.

Easy Tax houses accountants that deliver beyond what’s expected. We understand our clients business first to deliver outstanding solutions. We comprehend what business owners are looking for in an accountant, and we provide them with the same and more.


Gone are the days where people considered accountants to be less likely emotionally attached to their clients. A modern accountant is exactly the opposite. Understanding clients’ financial needs, their troubles are quite important. Being empathetic flourishes the working relationship between two parties. Carrying out duties with empathy is always beneficial. Who knows your clients would be your good friends down the line.

We at easy tax completely believe in being empathetic and working sincerely. You’d always find our service designs keeping your needs and goals in the fore. Many of our clients are more than just customers to us.

Take away

Accounting has always been a tricky job. Addressing it properly is what every client expects of their service provider. It’s essential for today’s accountant to have these characteristics to be successful and exceedingly different from the crowd, in other words – to be modern.

With Easy Tax, you get all of the above and much more. We have a variety of services crafted, keeping in mind the needs of a variety of clients. From small businesses to medium ones, from self-employed professionals to landlords – we serve all. 

You get unrestricted support from us via email, phones and meetings. We help you keep your best foot forward through our services and solutions.

Contact us for the best business accounting services in the UK

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