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Having worked in several accountancy practices, each with their own individual approach to dealing with their clients, as a tax and accounting consultant UK, I wanted to create something that provided a bit more for business owners and taxpayers than they were getting.

Business owners are often great at coming up with new ideas, servicing their customers and making sure that their business is generally moving in the right direction.

Most accountants therefore leave business owners to continue running their businesses in the way that they were used to whilst they, as their accountant, would make sure they got their returns in to the HMRC in time, paid their tax on time and provided technical help when needed.

I was finding more and more though that the ambitious business owners wanted more from an accountant. They wanted access to up-to-date reports showing how their business is performing compared to budget and their industry. They need affordable accounting service near them to solve tax issues and bookkeeping problems.

That’s why I set up Easy Tax to support you every step of the way.

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