Own a Limited company? Here are five reasons you need an accountant for your firm


We work hard to earn money. Running a company is something which demands continual work and dedication to make sure everything is going smoothly. There are many factors and segments on which you have to concentrate. Finance is one of the very important aspects.

Handling the Co and all that goes in and out to run it efficiently definitely gets you worked up. When there are accountants for limited companies, why worry?

In this article, we are going to tell you why you need an accountant for your limited company so that your financial matters, income tax related work are handled with expertise and utmost care while making you free to grow your venture.

Let’s learn the top reasons to have a dedicated accountant:

Would you be able to keep up?

Every year brings new assessment changes, structures, frameworks, laws, and so forth. Do you have an opportunity to stay aware of these progressions to ensure that your assessment forms and records are in line with the new rules? 

To what extent will it take for you to discover what has changed from a year ago? Where will you get the data? How might you be certain that you haven’t missed anything?

Isn’t it just so much? But easy tax has got you covered! Our cheap accountancy services – UKare designed to fulfil any and every need you will ever have. From gathering data to producing smart tax plans, we handle everything for our clients.

The Pesky Right Format

You should document your records with HMRC and Companies House in a specific configuration with things recorded in the correct spot. There’s this format which you have to stick to.

There are free apparatuses that you can use to record the records yourself. There’s some feedback from those who have attempted to use it. Moreover, they are not exceptionally straight forward. If you recognize what you’re doing and sure about it, you may succeed.  

Many attempts to utilize – some succeed while others fail. What do you do when it becomes too difficult a job to handle?

We say leave it to the experts.  Easy Tax is well versed with all the technicalities and holds experience in doing income tax filing, accountancy, HMRC, Payroll, VAT, MTD and much more.  When we take the accountancy work in our hands – we see to it that everything is done according to rules and you get the peace of mind.

The expenditure on Software

If the free framework doesn’t work for you, at that point there is the choice of purchasing a tax filing software, to assist you with filling in your government tax return and accounts.

The paid software won’t through any errors. The software will mostly get the right details from you. However, it is always presumed that you possess some knowledge about bookkeeping and tax filing.

The accountancy firms use this software, but the expense is covered through the entire clientele. So it’s always better than purchasing the software for the full-fledge amount.

We use digital taxing, file tax returns accurately by giving you an efficient tax saving plan. Our competitive prices for accountancy are never to miss. It’s ‘best of both worlds’ for you as you get qualified accountants and a maximum possible saving on the tax return.

Untangling the Two tax return trap:

A CT600 – corporation tax return can cover a span of one year. Did you know that? In the first year of trading, you may need two CT600 returns because the accounting period could be pointing to a few days over one year. 

Why does that happen? Let us explain to you. 

When the company is formed, the Companies House registers the year-end as the month-end (last day of the month) in which your company was formed. 

For example: if your company’s inception marks 4th July 2019, then the first year-end would be 31st July 2020. If you started trading from the incorporation day of your company, then the first accounting period is considered from the date of formation to the date of year-end. 

The first accounting period would be 4th July 2019 to 31st July 2020. That’s slightly more than a year. 

To break all the complexity, Easy Tax is here. Our skilled accountant will take care of the tax returns, types of tax returns that apply to your case and employ the most reliable ways to fill the tax.

Penalties and charges:

A worst-case scenario, if you get it wrong, HMRC does not spare anyone. They simply don’t allow ignorance as an excuse. HMRC states that every individual or business should keep their records that enable them to file an accurate return. If the taxpayers are perplexed, then HMRC suggests them to check with their respective accountants or HMRC to confirm the right position. 

It’s always better to be sure! When you have Easy Tax just around the corner to help you? Why stay in the state of doubt. We are equipped, trained and skilled to craft out the best tax plan and assure you that tax filing will never be a source of worry for you.


Though there are many other reasons, we have enlisted only the top ones why you should consider hiring an accountant for your limited company. We are not only a renowned accountancy firm in the UK but also reliable and result oriented professionals.

Give yourself a break from all the strenuous accounting tasks and let us serve you – your professional accountants in the UK.

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